Bol chantant tibétain, OM
  • Bol chantant tibétain, OM
  • Bol chantant tibétain, OM

Bol chantant tibétain, OM

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Tibetan Singing Bowl : Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga is union through sound. This ancient art is a science of transformation. The sound of this chanatant bowl turns inside the being. The singing bowl is used during meditation, it helps self-realization.

This singing bowl Nada Yoga is accessible to all without a priori religion.

11cmx5cm size height, weight approx300g


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NE0264, NE0265 and NE0269: Copper 71.5% / 28% Tin / Nickel 0.02% / 0.01% mercury / Zinc 0.02% / 0.02% Iron / Lead 0.001% / 0.002% Silver / gold 0 , 0001%

Historically singing bowls were manufactured in Asia, especially in Nepal in China and Japan.
The singing bowls are associated with decorative bells that littered the Silk Road. The types most rependu bowl are those of the Himalayas and are often referred to as Tibetan singing bowls.
The singing bowls are used to start periods of silent meditation. They are also used during the singing and can mark the passage of time or a change of activity during meditation as in Japan. Some Tibetan monks use singing bowls during their ceremonies.
The singing bowls are used by striking the edge of the bowl with a mallet, or may be used by rubbing a wooden mallet, leather, felt or plastic around the edge of the bowl, to unveil the harmonies of her singing. Each singing bowls and produces a single vibration.


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