How to buy a Chinese calligraphy brushes:

Brushes of Chinese calligraphy are not all good. The Particular features to recognize a good calligraphy brush are:
- The end of the tuft should be well pointed:

pinceau pour la callighraphie chinoise

- When they flattened all the hairs of the brush, the hairs at the tip must be aligned

- The wet brush well DoITT bend in all directions, that ca be the brush tip or up.

- The hairs are well balanced and they respond to the movement of the hand and the handful.

pinceau pour la calligraphie

How to maintain his brush:

- Purchase your brush is held by a resin, the first thing to do is to dip the tip of your brush in a little cold water, the operation will take 5 to 10 minutes.

- After the first use never put your brush in original etui, you amolliriez the tip.

- After each use clean your brush well with cold clean water, especially no hot water! Do not soak your brush in water at the risk of habimer hairs and make them rough.

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